Friday, May 27, 2016

Outdoor Table Makeover

Part 2 of my patio makeover......The table!  Wow did this need some work. It was warped and weighed about 150 lbs!  I didn't want to get a new one because I really like the legs.....They're amazing legs (just like mine).  I flipped it over, took off the original table top and worked some makeover magic.  At first I thought the stripes might be a little much, but after a week I was in LOVE.  Plus, I can always toss a tablecloth over it if I get bored!  Think twice before you toss things out my friends.  Remember.....Make messes, have fun and never forget to MAKE YOUR MARK!
Working on the chandelier next!
Got these Suzani pillows on Amazon and they match everything I own
See how to makeover your own table here!
Disfigured patio furniture
Hammer and nails
Sander, Drill, Screwdrivers
1" x 6" pine planks the length of the table
1/2" thick plywood the size of the table top
1. 2. & 3. Remover the original table top and replace with a piece of 1/2" thick plywood in the size you want
4.  Arrange the planks across the table
5. & 6. Paint half of the planks black and half white
7.  Sand along the edges to expose the wood and give a distressed look
8.  Paint the base of the table in Adirondack (or any color you love)
9.  Nail or screw the planks in place on top of the plywood
10.  Protect the entire table with a coat of Light Satin Varnish
11. & 12.  Paint on and wipe off the Golden Brown Creme Wax to give depth to the white planks
Have a seat!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Outdoor Chair Makeover

It was seriously time to overhaul my patio chairs!  They had been out in the sun and rain for 3 years and even though I love the distressed look, this was way too much.  I'm sure in 2 years they'll look totally different, but for now,  I'm seriously happy that I didn't have fork over the dough to buy another set.  A little paint and plywood and I get to enjoy these for a few more years.  BTW, you can use this technique on almost any thrift store chair.  Toss on a cushion and you're good to go.
Remember, make messes, have fun and Make Your Mark!
I wasn't completely sold on the pink, but I promised myself some color this year!

Watch the tutorial here!
1/4" plywood
2" wide masking tape
Hammer & nails
1. & 2.  Press butcher paper around the seat to make a pattern and then cut on the creases
3. & 4. Trace the pattern on 1/4" thick plywood, cut out and sand
5.  Paint the plywood in Everlasting (white)
6.  Starting in the exact center, create stripes with masking tape
7.  Paint over the edges of the masking tape with more Everlasting
*this technique insures that your stripes are PERFECT
8.  Slowly remover the masking tape when the paint is almost dry
9. Paint the chairs (I chose Reminisce and Victorian)
10.  Nail the seat to the chairs 
11.  Seal everything with Americana Decor Light Satin Varnish
12.  Paint on and wipe off the Golden Brown Crème was to give an aged and distressed look and then seal with a bit more varnish to help protect from the elements
Now I'm ready to tackle the table!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Resin Nature Tiles

Create beautiful resin tiles to use for a custom backsplash or to use as coasters. This project is a terrific way to remember all of your beautiful plants and flowers you grow in your garden.  Why stop at plants and flowers?  You could use almost anything to create these tiles!  Just remember to make messes, have fun and Make Your Mark! 

Stuff You'll Need
Leaves and Flowers
Plastic Container
1.  Roll out a ball of clay to create a 1/4" thick slab with the bottle
2. Carefully lay your leaves or flowers in the clay and roll the impression onto the clay with the bottle
3. Carefully remove the leaves and flowers making sure not to touch the clay. 
4. & 5. Cut the clay into a square or rectangular tile and let it thoroughly dry
6.  Mix the Amazing Mold Rubber, place the tile face up in a plastic container and cover the tile with the rubber.
*a to-go salad container works well for this
7.  Remove the mold from the plastic container and the tile from the mold making sure it's free of clay
8. & 9. Follow the directions for mixing the Glaze Coat and then stir in a small amount of resin dye to color the resin
10. & 11. Fill the mold with the Glaze Coat and pop the bubbles with a small torch or a long-arm lighter.
12.  Cure overnight and remove the tile when complete.
*If the tile is sticky when you remove it from the rubber mold, you can torch the surface until the surface is completely smooth.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Alice Through The Looking Glass Mixed Media Bottles

You may not know this, but I'm a HUGE Alice In Wonderland fan!  To celebrate the new Disney movie, Alice Through the Looking Glass,  I created a set of mixed media bottles using images of the main characters.  I had wine bottles on hand, but you could use any type of bottle for this project.  Even a set of pencil holders made out of recycled cans would look amazing.  The rule is that there are no rules!  Every bottle you make will turn out differently.  The key to my success was the DecoArt Metallic Lustres.  They add a beautiful metallic shimmer to any surface....I even painted them on lace!  Water them down or rub them on full strength, it's up to you.  Just remember to have fun, make messes and Make Your Mark!  Big hugs and write if you have a question.....
I'm always around.

My magic garden is the perfect setting!

Metallis Lustres come in a TON of colors!
Watch how I made these here!
Stuff You'll Need
Wine bottles
Book pages
DecoArt Metallic Lustres (in the colors you like)
Fabric flowers
Chandelier crystals and marker caps
Rhinestones, chain, charms
Ribbon and fabric strips
Playing cards
Spray bottle
Glue gun

Here's how:
1. Using Americana Decoupage in matte, cover a wine bottle in ripped book pages
*Always mist both sides of the paper with water to relax it first so it doesn't bubble when you decoupage
2. Print your image on book page paper and on plain paper
(Images are HERE)
3. Cut the book page image about the size of a large wine label and decoupage to the bottle
4. Cut around the image on the plain paper and apply it over the book page "label"
5. Decoupage other images on the back of the bottle
*I used clocks for the White Rabbit bottle
6. & 7.  Hot glue lace and fabric flowers around the image to create a frame
8. 9. & 10. Using the Metallic Luster, paint the bottle and lace and when dry add strips of stick on rhinestones
I started with Fab Fuchsia, added Brilliant Turquoise over it and then highlighted with Gold Rush
11. & 12. Print the Queen of Hearts image and glue it to a real playing card
13. 14. & 15.  Glue a chandelier crystal to an old marker cap and then wrap it in fabric and metallic gold thread to create a decorative stopper
16.  Attach the charms to the chain
17. & 18.  Wrap the ribbon, chain and strips of fabric around the neck of the bottle and then tie the card to the end of one of the hanging strands

Friday, May 13, 2016

Erin Fitzhugh Gregory has Flower Power!

Thought you might like to know a little about one of my favorite artists.  I love everything about her work.  The freedom, the fearless use of color and, most importantly, the happiness.  Erin Fitzhugh Gregory is originally from Alabama and has lived with her husband and two daughters in Columbus, Georgia since 2002.  Erin paints in acrylic (and occasionally in oil) almost daily in her home studio.  She knew from an early age that she would be an artist when she grew up.  Her best advice for aspiring artists is to simply "Paint often and to not fear mistakes! Mistakes in painting, especially in oils & acrylics, can often be cultivated into something beautiful in the end. 
Discipline and perseverance are key!"  I couldn't agree more.

I would love to be surrounded by 100 of these paintings!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Glitter Striped Table DIY

I wanted to jazz up my outdoor space this summer with some bright pieces so I've been experimenting with different techniques on thrift store tables and chairs.  It's amazing what you can pick up for $5 or $10 dollars at a thrift store.  This glitter striped table adds some serious fun to my backyard and surprisingly, it wasn't as hard to make as I thought it would be.  The most important thing to remember is to seal the glitter before you add the resin top coat.  This way you won't have any stray pieces like I did.  I spend almost 45 minutes pushing flecks of glitter back into the stripes.  All in all, it was worth it!  Are you ready to make a mess?  Let's GO!
The perfect amount of excitement for breakfast on the patio
Paint the base any color you want
Mix in a patterned rug and pillows
Watch exactly how it's done here!
Stuff You'll Need
Thrift Store Dining Table
Gold Glitter
Masking Tape
Paintbrush and Sponge Brush
1. Paint the base of the table with Maxx Gloss in Rain Slicker
2. Paint the table top with Americana Decor Metallics in Vintage Brass
3. When dry, draw lines 3" apart across the table
4. Tape on the outside of every other line with masking tape
5. & 6. Fill in one line at a time with Americana Decoupage in Gloss
7. While the decoupage is wet, sprinkle with a generous amount of glitter and sweep off when dry
*do this to every other stripe
8. Remove the tape and sweep the excess glitter into a paper bag and then back in the jar
9. Coat each stripe with Americana Decoupage in Gloss and let dry
10.  Follow the instructions for the E-6000 Glaze Coat, mix and pour it on the table top
11. Evenly distribute the Glaze Coat with a sponge brush
*push the stray glitter pieces back to the stripe with toothpick or chopstick
12.  Pop the bubbles in the Glaze Coat with a small torch and then let cure overnight in room that isn't occupied and is free of moving dust and dirt
Sparkly and shiny!

Friday, May 6, 2016

No-Sew Upholstered Chair

Yup, you heard me!  Miriam Webster defines Upholster as "to put a covering of cloth, leather, etc., on (a piece of furniture, such as a couch or chair).  Well friends, that's exactly what I did with this boxy dining room chair that almost everyone I know has a version of.  OK, maybe Americana Fabric Decoupage didn't exist when they wrote the definition, but I'm going to compose a persuasive letter to old Miriam and see if we can add a little side note!  This process works on vinyl, leather and smooth fabric covered chairs.  Just make sure you use a generous amount of the decoupage so it becomes "part" of the existing fabric.  Choose cotton with big, bold patterns that you can cut out and arrange to fit the shape of your furniture.  Remember, have fun and make messes!
Alone in the forest
Make a whole set!

Watch how easy it is to do here!
Stuff You'll Need
Cotton fabric with big patterns
Americana Satin Enamels in a color that matches the fabric
Masking tape
1. Tape around the legs to protect the chair
2. & 3. Pick a matching Americana Decor Satin Enamel and paint the legs
4. Cut out the patterns on your fabric
*I chose a large floral because it was easy to overlap and I could use the leaves to fill small spaces
5. Figure out your design
6. & 7. Using a generous amount of Americana Decor Fabric Decoupage, apply the pattern to the chair
8. Clip corners on the fabric pieces to make it easier to decoupage around corners and curves
9. Finish with a thick coat of Americana Decoupage for Fabric
*Sometimes exposed vinyl can remain tacky so either cover all of the vinyl with fabric OR coat the chair with Americana Decoupage in Matte and let dry
Grab a plate and come sit down!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Resin Butterfly Tray DIY

I have trays for EVERY occasion because, well,  they just make everything look so much better!  I have them on my walls for decoration, by my door for my keys and mail, above the fridge for when I entertain and in my studio holding pots filled with brushes and pencils.  My (hands down) favorite tray is the one I use when I eat in bed like a big lazy-puss.  That's what my mom used to call me when I didn't want to help clean the house.  I made this tray from top to bottom and you can, too with a few simple cuts of wood from the hardware store.  Use any image you want in place of the butterflies!  Stop at the decoupage stage OR add resin for a beautiful glass-like bottom.  It's all up to you.  Just remember to have fun, get messy and Make Your Mark!
With a thick layer of Americana Decoupage in Gloss
Ready for afternoon tea
Filled with resin for a beautiful glass-like base
Watch how to make them here!
Stuff You'll Need
Wood for base (size is up to you)
1 1/2" wood trim for the edges (have them cut to size)
1" x 1" wood trim for handles (two pieces about 4" long)
Optional: Brass corners
Spray bottle with water
Butterfly images
Hammer and small nails

 Here's How
1. Nail your tray together using 1" long nails
2. Sand the edges so they're even and smooth
3.  Paint the base with Americana Decor Metallics in Antique Brass
4. Paint the edges and bottom with Americana Decor Satin Enamels in True Teal
5. Cut out your butterfly images
6. & 7. Decoupage the butterflies to the base of the tray and let dry
*Mist each butterfly with a spray bottle to relax the paper to prevent bubbles
*Finish with a generous coat of decoupage over all of the images and on the inside edges of the tray
8. Add brass corners (this step is optional but I think it makes the tray look expensive and chic!)
9. & 10. Nail in the 1" x 1" wood pieces on the sides for handles and then paint in the True Teal
11.  Mix the Glaze Coat resin and pour evenly in the base of the tray
*Spread with a sponge brush to help even it out
12.  Pop the bubbles with a small torch OR long arm lighter and let cure overnight
Ready for my keys and the mail!
Perfect for trinkets or an afternoon snack